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Truth be told when i started this blog I had no idea what the overall content direction should be. An emotional blog about my thoughts and memories? Maybe an informational blog such as one for knowledge transfer. Should i just post pictures? A one pager for my portfolio?

In the end I will probably realize all of those ideas and will change the structure of this blog a lot.

So where do i come from?

My name is Hung, born in 1993, currently a Business and Information Systems student at the Technical University in Dresden, which is a small beautiful 500.000 man city in the eastern part of Germany.

Who am I?

I like challenges – a lot, but i also like to be on the safe side.
I like to be highly flexible but i also like continuity and consistency.
I like to share knowledge and especially those little fun facts which no one would care about.
I like to learn and improve myself.
You could call me one of those Jack of all trades, ace of none people. I am interested in many things but through time restrictions and prioritization I can’t follow up on everything leaving me with surface level knowledge in most cases.

However there are certain topics i would say i am more deeper involved with than other topics and i would like to share my knowledge and learnings with you.

Currently i am in Japan for an exchange semester which gives me a perfect opportunity to share my gathered knowledge about Japan with you, may it be sight seeings, attractions or culture.

Here you can get a list of some interesting things about Tokyo.

My exchange Semester in Japan

And right now i am on a traveling tour which i document here:

My Traveldiary

I am also quite interested in baking and did acquire a good understanding of it, if i may say so myself. Thus i will definitely post about some baking related topics as soon as i get back to Germany.

One of the original reasons for this blog was actually as a means of documentation on all my technology related knowledge. This includes small projects on a raspberry pi (e.g. this website), a trivial accounting app i wrote for myself as well as scripts (bash, T-SQL) and lessons learned.