My exchange Semester in Japan

I will share my experience throughout my exchange Semester in Japan on this site. The goal is to compile a list of interesting travel and sightseeing spots. Furthermore i will try to sum up my lessons learned in Japan every month.


Compilation: Viewpoints of Tokyo
Bunkyo City Hall – Sky deck ( free ) Bunkyo-ku, Kasuga 1-16-21, Bunkyo Civic Center Bldg 25F. closes at 20:30
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Monthly review #3 – homemade food | 23.06.2019
As already shortly mentioned food here in Tokyo (Japan?) is quite expensive in comparison to good old Dresden. Bentos are
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Entrance of the Sengokuji-temple
Sengokuji-temple | 16.06.2019
The Sengokuji temple is famous within the Buddhismn culture. For layman who are not too interested in Buddhismn though, it
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Rikugien Garden | 03.06.2019
The Rikugien garden area is located in the northern part of Bunkyo-ku and according to Wikipedia is one of the
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Monthly review #2 | 23.05.2019
Japanese are super determined I do attend some sports circles. It seems that in Japan spots circles are not too
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Day in my life 15.05.2019
Today is a special and exceptional day. Not because it’s my birthday but because i didn’t go to university although
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buddha statue with cap and jacket
Mt.Takao 12.05.2019
Actually i didn’t want to write about this trip but Mt. Takao needs to have a  honorable mention. It is
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Rice field
Takomachi – Rice Planting and Bamboo Hunting 05.05.2019
This was organized by Oakhouse, the company which offers the sharehouses, for a small fee. The event took place in
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The oldest Wisteria Tree in Japan
Ashikaga Flowerpark 04.05.2019
Only after this trip i realized, that the Wisteria plant is besides the cherry tree, a big thing in Japan.
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A mini version of the statue of liberty
Odaiba 22.04.2019
According to a local Japanese the islands of Odaiba were artificially build in the Edo Period (1850). Because the Americans
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Monthly Review #1 | 21.04.2019
What did i learn and experienced in this one month: Rules in Japan: Japanese people seem to like detailed ruling.
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Mt-Fuji and Chureito Pagoda
Trip: Kawaguchiko to see Mt.Fuji 04.04.2019
This was my first ever trip in Japan and i am very lucky to be able to do it within
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The Senso-Ji Temple
Asakusa and Skytree 01.04.2019
Today I was on my way to the Asakusa district which is around 1 hour walk on foot from where
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Naka-Meguro Sakura viewing 29.03.2019
As the Sakura are now in full bloom, we decided to give one of the most famous places to view
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View from Shibuya109 store
Shibuya and Yoyogi Park 26.03.2019
So today i went to Shibuya to look for a jacket. Naively enough i thought since it is going to
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Akihabara 24.03.2019
Still suffering from Jetlag but determined to finally get a Sim Card i headed to Akihabara. After a 25 minutes
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Departure 22.03.2019
Departure: Dresden – 09:25Over: Zurich -> MunichArrival: Tokyo (Haneda) – 15:49 Bites me why i chose such a complex route
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