Diary: The Tokaido Trail

The Tokaido trail is a historic path connecting Kyoto and Tokyo along the coastline. It consist of 53 stations and was one of the viable routes for Samurais and merchants in the Edo period. However since it crosses a lot of rivers it was not considered to be very safe. Noble people would consider the Nakasendo which goes through the mountain-ish inland (see more and here). Today it is said to be a more easier trail since it doesn’t have a high altitude difference and bridges are well established. There is even a Shinkensen line called the Tokaido line along that path.

How did i decided to do this trail?

So truth be told when i prepared a presentation about Omiyage i just randomly read about the Tokaido trail and instantly thought to myself that i would do this. It sounds like an interesting challenge and a deeper dive into Japanese culture. I am very thrilled to walk the same path and maybe even see the same things as people in the past.

In this post i will document my daily hike:

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