Diary & Thoughts

About me, my thoughts, ideas, epiphanies and side projects too small to document anywhere else.

Curd Cheesecacke

Curd (Quark) Cheesecake Unlike cream cheese, Quark has a lower water and fat content, creating a less dense and heavy cake. A friend of mine actually …
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Diary: 8 hours passed

since i got vaccinated. I am anxiously awaiting side effects. A friend told me, that some of her co workers who also got vaccinated experienced …
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TIL: about wine

So the other day i was able to take part in a 2 hour instructional wine crash course training for free. A lot of knowledge …
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Peach-Crumble cake

Peach-Crumble cake The recipe is taken from essen-und-trinken.de and tweeked a bit to fit a smaller size. Ingredients The dough: 120 g butter300 g flour120 g sugar8 g vanillin …
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Tohoku Sandai Matsuri

The Tohoku region is located north from the Kanto region. There is a very unique week called the Sandai Matsuri where you have the chance …
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