ChatGPT as Writing assistant

I started to employ the power of ChatGPT in various fields, including debugging but also when writing blog posts or my diploma thesis. Here are some of the helpful prompts to improve writing style.


Given a scoring between 0 and 100, where 0 is the writing style of a children, 50 is the writing style of a high school student and 100 is the writing style of a dissertation. What score would you give the following paragraph and why:

When i want to check up on my writing style, whether it is appropriate enough

Please Revise the following paragraph

When I want to get new ideas on how to improve the writing style or just restructure my paragraph.

Please paraphrase

When I want to paraphrase either my own written paragraph from another section / paper or paraphrase other authors.

Please continue the following sentence

When I want creative continuations and ideas of an already w

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