Dockerized WordPress on a Raspberry Pi

This blog runs on a a Raspberry Pi since 9th April 2019 and surprisingly the Pi performs quiete well. WordPress on itself does not need too many ressources for my use case since i don’t have hundreds of visitors per day, leaving capcaity for other applications.

The current setup includes an out of the box docker-compose and a backup script which uploads files to the dropbox cloud storage. In this series i would like to give you a short introduction how my setup works and how you could set it up by yourself.

How To – The Mean Average Precision

As a grad student, just entering the world of object detection i found it quite helpful, that there are a lot of resources especially blog posts, made easy to quickly digest complex concepts and ideas. If you type in related search phrases you will find some splendid results on how to calculate the mAP on the first page. The explanation of the basic components is mostly in a very easy and straightforward manner, but sometimes just did not explain the calculation of the mAP correctly. This confused me a lot which is why i came to write this blog post of my findings.

SQL Notes

Personal collection of SQL snippets and notes, which are quite handy, but often times used too rarely and in case of need never available.

My Background

Since 2016 I have been a working student at a BI department, with some minor hiatus periods where i attended my exchange semester in Japan or went for an internship in another city. Some of my main working experience include:

  • Working on an existing datawarehouse plattform (analysis/operations & upgrade/extent) in the context of logistics
  • Main architect and developer of a datawarehouse framework based on open source tools
  • Currently slowly transition to Machine Learning (anomaly detection in streaming data)

Within my studies i was able to participate in some interesting modules and group projects:

  • Object detection with the Tensorflow API in Azure
  • Extending a datastream pipeline in Flink for real time data processing
  • Literature review with the rougly translated topic “Application of ML in industrial incident management, regarding production machines”

Some relevant technology buzzwords include: Data Vault Modeling 2.0, Airflow, Superset, Postgres, Python, pytorch, SQL, OCI, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Shell Scripting, git, MSSQL, SSIS

Recent Posts

Machine Learning Engineering |  Troubleshooting

Training languagemodel – RuntimeError the expanded size of the tensor (100) must match the existing size (64) at non singleton dimension 1.

Context I trained a new languagemodel from scratch using huggingface’ framework and a preconfiguration of Roberta Model on a custom dataset. Now i wanted to vectorize a new dataset using the pretrained model. Observation I receive an error: RuntimeError the expanded size of the tensor (100) must match the existing size (64)…

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How to |  Machine Learning Engineering

How to evaluate the Transformer Trainer

If you initialized a Trainer object, it will do the training boiler plate for you. Using the TrainingArguments, you can additionally customize your training process. One important argument is the evaluation_strategy which is set to “no” by default, thus no evaluation is done while training. You can set it up either per…

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Others |  Troubleshooting

ChatGPT Debug Assistant

I tried to implement a Flask Restful Endpoint with the webargs framework, which i already did back in 2020. Although, i copied the old code and made some tiny adjustments with the request call, i could not make it work in 2023. By asking ChatGPT for help, i gained a…

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How to |  Others

How to autostart a video in Windows

The other day a friend asked me to help with a practical prank. For his girlfriend, he prepared a laptop as a gift, however he wanted to tease her a bit by automatically starting a scary video whenever she logs in.
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How to |  Others

#3 How to backup WordPress and what to consider

There are several possibilities to backup WordPress, depending on your knowledge and user privileges. In this post I want to show you how we can backup our WordPress instance which we previously deployed through our docker-compose. For this feat we need to know what we want to backup and how…

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How to |  Others

#0 Introduction to Docker and WordPress

A short introduction to Docker and WordPress including the underlying necessary services and how it will interact with each other. Table of Contents: 1. What is Docker? 2. Advantages of Container 3. What is WordPress ? 4. What is behind WordPress? 4.1. Caddy as a Webserver 4.2. MySQL and MariaDB…

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How to |  Others

Dockerized WordPress on a Raspberry Pi

How to run WordPress with Docker on a Raspberry Pi Why would you do that? The greatest advantage with this installation is that you can just play and fiddle around as you like and afterwards just clean it up by deleting the containers without leaving any residues of software. Having…

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