After the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Asakusa grew as an entertainment district. However after the World War II it lost it’s popularity as such never to be able to regain its status again. Nonetheless today it is still one of the most frequently visited touristic spots in Tokyo.

Sensoji Temple

Founded in the year 628 it was later rebuild and strengthened with steel pillars after its destruction in the second World War (, accessed: 06.10.2019). Today it is a very popular place for tourists thus offering a lot of touristic souvenirs as well. The strong red color looks even more amazing by night.


Kappabashidogugai street / Kappabashi area

If you are still looking for authentic japanese souvenirs you might find something here. As i heard this area used to be an area of craftsmen selling pottery and kitchenware. Today there are around 30 shops along this street which sell handmade knives and potteries such as bowls and tea cups. I had serious problems to find a tea can called banko Yaki and found one in one of these shops. Interestingly enough there are also some shops which sell plastic food for displaying purposes.

Asakusa Culture Touristic Information Center

The information center is located just on the opposite side of the Kaminarimon – the first gate to the Senso-Ji temple. You can actually go to the 6th floor by elevator to get an overview of the northern parts of Asakusa.

Sanja matsuri

The Sanja Matsuri is one of the bigger festivals held in Tokyo and includes the transportation of mikoshis (transportable small shrines) through the cities to the Senso-Ji temple. Some impressions can be found in my diary.

Other festivals

There are some other festivals held in or near Asakusa. For example there was a floating lantern event, where lanterns would be released on the Sumida river to welcome the summer. There was this Tanabata festival which was held at a street leading from Ueno to Asakusa. The oldest and biggest firework in Tokyo is also held in Asakusa at the Sumida river. This year, in 2019, over 1 million people actually came to see the firework.

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