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Trip: Hiking Mt. Takao

Mount Takao is a 1 hour train ride away from Tokyo and is therefore the nearest and most easiest accessible mountain around Tokyo. There are several trails with different difficulties and to see different sights. Tokyocheapo explains it quite good however there is also a very big map with trails and their specific characteristics right at the entrance of the mountain.

The corresponding diary and impressions can be found here.


  • overall costs: ~ 1500 Yen
  • suggested time spend in the area: ~ 5 hours
  • personal rating: 9/10


Nice hiking path and beautiful view over the mountains.


Your starting point is Takaosanguchi station which is around 1 hour and 400 Yen away from Tokyo. There are different trails and i personally chose the trail number 1. It was paved but the start had an unbelievable steep slope. That being said it is very well maintained and as long as you follow the trail you will get to the top in around 2-3 hours.


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