Ward: Bunkyo

Bunkyo City Hall

The City Hall provides a free city view platform at the 25.th floor and is located in the center of the ward.


Rikiguen Garden

Said to be one of the best gardens in Tokyo and located in northern Bunkyo.

Higo Hosokawa Garden

A freely accessible garden but relatively remotely located.

Hotel Chinzanso Garden

A Hotel not far from the Higo Hosokawa Garden and provides free access to it’s private maintained garden area.


Koishikawa korakuen Garden

Not far away from the Bunkyo Town Hall it is also said to be one of the best gardens Tokyo’s.

Nezu Shrine

Not compareable with the Fushimi Inari in Kyoto but still impressive. This shrine area is relatively big and also posesses a lot of Tori gates.

Tokyo Dome and theme park

The Tokyo Dome and an interesting themepark going through high buildings are also located near the Bunkyo town hall

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