Ward: Minato

Minato is located in the south of Tokyo and is home to various embessies and domestic companies such as Honda, Sony, NEC and Toshiba. One of Tokyo’s symbol, the Tokyo Tower, is located her not far away from the KEIO university which i used to attend in my exchange semester (wiki, 02.11.2019).

Tokyo Tower

The Tokyo Tower is probably one of the most iconic building in Japan. And this absolute figure of a tower is just magnificient although just slightly copied from France. With 333 meters it is the second most tallest building in Tokyo right after the Skytree (wiki, accessed: 04.10.2019). It costs 900 Yen to get to the main deck (150m) and 2800 Yen to get to the top deck (250m) (tokyotower.co.jp, 04.10.2019).
Sitenote: On children’s day Koi carp streamers are flying in front of Tokyo Tower. Koi cars swimming upstream is being used as a symbol of determination and strong willpower – the same attributes which parents wish for their children to have ( japantravelmate.com, accessed: 04.10.2019).

In this current year 2019 the Manga One Piece celebrated its 20th anniversary and there was a special exhibition at the Tokyo tower. I don’t know whether these are permanent stores but there was also a merchandise and one piece themed restaurant at the basement.


Odaiba is easily one of my favourite place within Tokyo. It has so much to offer that i made a seperate post. The highlight is the beach side with a beautiful view over the rainbow bridge and an even more beautiful view of the sunset. The only downside is, that it is quite expensive to get there and a bit too remote to just walk and come over.

Roppongi Hills

The Roppongi Hills Mori Tower is the 6th highest building in Tokyo (wiki, accessed: 04.10.2019) and is place of frequently changing exhibitions. There are 2 observation platforms one being on top of the building and one being the floor of the exhibition itself. For slightly more information go to Viewpoints of Tokyo.

Keio University

An honorable mention of the university i attended during my exchange semester. It is not too far away from the Tokyo tower and you can even see it on your way to or back from university.

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