Ward: Shinjuku

Today the in the west located Shinjuku ward is the commercial and administrative centre of Metropolitian Tokyo. A variety of areas can be found here ranging from business, shopping to leisure and food.

Docomo Tower

As of 2019 the Docomo Tower with its 240m is the fourth tallest building in Tokyo right after the Tokyo Metropolitian Government Building (wiki,  accessed: 04.10.2019). However in terms of recognizable, especially at night, it is on par with the Tokyo Tower or the Tokyo Skytree.


Shinjuku being Shinjuku

When you think about Shinjuku you might think about a lot of shops with flashing lights and a lot of cities. Although this only accounts for a small part of Shinjuku City i still wanted to give you some impressions of it. These photos are taken not far away from Shinjuku Station. A famous place in Shinjuku is also Omoide Yokocho which is more narrowish and old but offers a lot of small shops and has this ancient vibe to it.


Shinjuku Gyoen Park

The Shinjuku Gyoen Park located near the Shinjuku station is probably the biggest paid garden area in Tokyo and feature different styled themes. Here you can just relax, picknick or take a nice (long) stroll. More pictures and impressions here.


Tokyo Metropolitian Government building

This building is just 3 meters taller than the Docomo tower (wiki, accessed: 04.10.2019) and therefore the 3rd. tallest building in Tokyo. Governmental work is being conducted here however it also offers a free city view on the 45th floor. For more impressions and photos Compilation: Viewpoints of Tokyo.

Meiji Jingu Gaien

The Meiji Jingu Gaien is a baseball stadium. Baseball is quite popular in Japan and as it happened my university (Keio) did had a match with its arch enemy (Waseda) at this stadium. I guess it is a middle tier stadium not compareable with the Tokyo Dome but still big enough to held a lot of people


Yotsuya Suga shrine

This shrine is quite special however probably not for everyone equally. It is featured in the advertisement posters of the movie Kimi no na wa – Your name.

Sitenote: there is another place, a crossing, just near the Tokyo Government Building which also features another scenery of the movie Your Name.

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