The Senso-Ji Temple

Ward: Taito

In my personal opinion Taito is the best wards out of all wards in Tokyo, though of course i might be biased since i used to live here for 3 months. The popular district of Asakusa and Akihabara are located here as well as the Ueno park and Shinobazu pond which look great everytime i came by and especially great in the Sakura season. As i understood the rent prices are not too high and the environment not too busy.



The oldest and probably most impressive Temple, the Senso-ji temple, is located in Asakusa from where you can also get to  the Skytree in a decent amount of time. If you are looking for a souvenir there is also a street seemingly dedicated to kitchenware such as pans, bowls and teapots. A detected post can be found here.



The once center of electronic products is today more known as an Otaku district. A lot of high buildings with lots of blinking lights decorate the main street accompanied by young girls dressed in mostly maid outfits standing on the sidewalk and trying to lure people into their bars. The theme of anime is more spread in this area than anywhere else in Tokyo.


The Ueno station located in the Ueno district is a major train station in northern Tokyo and one of the stations where you can hop onto the Shinkansen. The nearby Ueno park and Shinobazu pond are popular places for Sakura viewing and offer even off-sakura season a good place to take a relaxed stroll. A dedicated post around Ueno can be found here.


My home

I used to live in Ikenohata which is located at the most western border of Taito bordering the Bunkyo ward. The neighborhood was very calm and there was a vegetable shop, a supermarket and a wholesaler which i frequently came by to get groceries.



One of the famous landmarks in Tokyo and utilized as orientation mark since it is visible from far away is the Skytree. With its 634 meter it is the tallest tower in Tokyo and the second tallest in the world right after the Burj Khalifa (wiki, accessed: 06.10.2019). A ticket to both the first (350m) and second (450m) observation deck costs 3100 Yen (, accessed: 06.10.2019)

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