Akihabara 24.03.2019

Still suffering from Jetlag but determined to finally get a Sim Card i headed to Akihabara. After a 25 minutes walk and some minutes of confusing search for a friend we went into Bic Camera. However disappointing as it is, the staff tells us, that no contract can be made unless the address is printed on our Residence Card.

Well while we were here we decided to take the chance and discover this part of town.
In the early 20th century Akihabara used to be a central marketplace for household electronics. As the market shifted their focus to home computers a new target group arised centering around games and game related topics such as Anime and Manga. 1.  Today it is known to be the center for otaku culture and traits as gaming centers, maid cafes and anime are all over the place.

One gaming center we went in had the following variety of games:

  • Retro- /Arcade-Games
  • Multiplayer Games (something which looked like Tekken)
  • 4D Games where one would sit in a moving chair surrounded by screens
  • Games similiar to Osu and Dance Dance Revolution

As one would expect all players who were present seemed to have several gaming hours of experience.

Unfortunately i hadn’t had the chance to take enough pictures to illustrate the colorful atmosphere.  There was an Event with dressed moderators talking about Dragon Quest. The mainstreet has been closed so that people could walk on it. Advertisements have been shout out all over the place. As one would expect … on a Sunday (!)

Menschenmassen durchfluten die Hauptstraße von Akihabara
Menschenmassen durchfluten die Hauptstraße von Akihabara


Kunstausstellung in Akihabara
Kunstausstellung in Akihabara


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