Ashikaga Flowerpark 04.05.2019

Only after this trip i realized, that the Wisteria plant is besides the cherry tree, a big thing in Japan. In don’t want to pretend i know much about this plant so i just refer to this short article.

It took us around 1.5h from Ueno station to Ashikaga Flower Park station. Since we were in time for the right season the entrance fee was 1800 yen. The Ashikaga flower park is indeed a colorful and amazing place with loads of flowers especially Wisteria. The main attraction is the 140 years old Wisteria tree which is located right in the center of the park.  If you are really into it, you should definitely not pass the chance to get a Wisteria flavored ice which does not only look amazingly purple but also taste quiet good.

That being said i remembered just after entering that i am in fact not really interested in flowers and the like, since i had to work with them in my childhood i seem to have negative/boring emotions related to them. However it also reminded me of my mother which had a nostalgic feeling to it. Still it was nice to see the spectacularly arranged flowers and possibilities for great photos. In the end i still had loads of fun with my flatmates which proves it doesn’t matter where you are going but who you are going with.

Duration: min 3h can be enjoyed throughout the day, the view does change especially in the evening when they turn on the lights

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