Diary: Climbing Mt. Fuji | 31.07.2019

The 31.07 also marks the last day in my sharehouse. Naturally we had a farewell party which lasted until 3 am, which was quiet tiring considering that i had to wake up at 8 to clean up the rest of my room to get the bus from Shinjuku to Mt. Fuji at 10:35.

Arrived at the 5th station – first time I really appreciated a warm toilet seat.

I prepared 1.5 l of water and bought another 500 ml water bottle for 200 yen at the 5th station knowing that the higher it gets the more expensive supplies will be. Additionally i packed 180g of peanuts and 6 toasts buttered with Koshian.

13:25: Let’s go

I feel a light shower but it went away quite fast, the weather is fortunately very clear and friendly (8°C).

On my way to the top i saw a lot of different people: kids, grannys, someone wearing sandals, dogs everyone with the goal in mind to reach the top – how admirable. I feel a slight headache maybe caused by altitude sickness or maybe caused by the leftover alcohol from yesterday.

I also met a very friendly lady who shared with me her candies. In return i gave her some of my peanuts.


17:40: Arrived at the Original 8th station where my Hotel is located. Had 2 major breaks and some photo stops midway as well as cramps on both of my legs from the 8th station on wards.

It is just magnificent being on the same level as the clouds. The sky is so blue and the weather still warm to enjoy the view. Going to sleep now after my curry rice topped with peanuts.

02:00: Wake up – i could barely sleep 4 hours. Some final stretching and off we go.

Seems like a lot more people than expected want to see the sunrise at the top of Mt. Fuji. It is more of a waiting line than a climb.

04:30 : Just in time made it. Sunrise is amazing and can’t put into pictures how  this big round object raises and forms from the back of the horizon. No picture will pay enough respect to this scenery – the sun seems so small in every picture.

06:00 meet up with a friend back from my home university who also studies in Japan, but in Kyoto. This  is our first meeting and how epic is it to just meet at the summit of the highest place in Japan.

While i waited for him to reach the top i explored the crater area a bit. There is also a “prove monument stone”-thing to show that you are indeed on top of Mt Fuji however the queue was so long it did took me some patience to wait for my turn. Especially for collectors it is nice to know that there is also a shrine and post office as well as some souvenir shops where you can get an exclusive stamp from the post office and from the shrine.


07:30 Starting to descend, i have to hurry because my bus would leave at 11. The descending path is a different than the ascending one. However i really would appreciate the stony slope than this pebble, sand mix something path. I was so angry about the path and my time restriction at times i would run angrily down to fasten the descending process.

10:15 made it in time and even faster than expected. My water supply just ran out, i have nothing left anymore to eat except the dry breakfast Bento from my hotel and boy am i happy to have that for now.

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