Departure 22.03.2019

Departure: Dresden – 09:25
Over: Zurich -> Munich
Arrival: Tokyo (Haneda) – 15:49

Bites me why i chose such a complex route to fly to Tokyo. Even the Check-In Lady had a big grin on her face when she saw my adventurous flight plan. Although my Japanese was quite limited the passport control  after arriving in Tokio went smoothly and i got my Residence Card right away.
The DKB Visa Card allowed me to withdraw money easily and with the help of local Customer Service i could identify a route to the rendezvous point with my flatmanager. Although at some point temporarily baffled by the Tokyo train line complexity and lack of language i could arrive at my destination on time and received to keys to my room:

Address: 2-1-23 Tokyo Taito Ikenohata
Size: 6sqm
Costs: ~550€ / month

Although i could have also chosen a student dormitory which would be more spacious (+10sqm) for the almost same amount of money, i chose this sharehouse because it is located more centrally.

Exciting and educational months will await me from here on out.

Japanese flightsafety advices
Japanese flightsafety advices


My room in Taito
My room in Taito


Corner neat my Sharehouse - my small hood
My hood


Evening View over the Shinobazu Pond
Evening View over the Shinobazu Pond

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