Diary: Nara – halfday | 29.08.2019

11:00 wake up, breakfast and heading to Nara. The hostel i stayed in for the last couple days was unbelievable cheap still clean with a nice service. The breakfast was free and included even fruits such as grapes, pears and melon. I would have never thought to be so happy about such small things.

11:50 arrived in Nara directly at the Kintetsu Station. Right after i left the station i already saw a dear standing directly in the middle of the street. After the initial surprise though i got used to seeing dears all around the place. The dears learned that bowing results into a treat and they do so very persistently now. At first it is very cute but when a male dear with huge antlers aggressively bows before you to get a treat it can get dangerous very fast. Additionally the dears do poop everywhere and at some places it does smell slightly weird.

The Nara park is huge with temples here and there. I would say you can enjoy at least half a day with just walking around and seeing the sights.

There was one specific sight in particular which i was interested in. It was the biggest bronze Buddha statue in the world at the Todai-ji temple (500 yen fee). Note that the biggest bronze statue is located in India and the biggest Buddha statue is located in China.

16:00 on my way back home I walked along a very beautiful green and oldish path. To be honest that path is what I actually would have expected from the Tokaido trail.

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