Diary: Tokaido Trail – Day 1 | Yokohama | 12.09.2019

09:00 wake up at the Train Hostel somehow feeling really tired

10:30 breakfast and organizing hostels for upcoming days finished starting to go to the point zero – nihonbashi

10:57 start at Nihonbashi

12:57 first Station shinagawa-juku

It even says Toukaidou Shinagawajuku stone-something. I am really happy to find it.

So the next stations would have been Kawasaki and Kanagawa but it was really difficult to find any milestone and I couldn’t really pinpoint anything.

For Kawasaki I found the Heiken-Ji temple as a landmark which has been also visited by the 2nd son of the 8th Tokugawa shogun (see Wikipedia). However it was a small detour to get to that temple.

On my way to Kanagawa I found several signs hinting to the old Tokaido path but no real milestone

My walk continued but I realized that my shoes will not last me for the next 19 days and because the shops were closing soon and will open too late tomorrow I had to take a train from Kokudo station to Yokohama station which is around 7km. To be honest I don’t feel too bad about it because well I wouldn’t see much of the old path anyway and I actually went to see the pikachu festival and Chinatown. So I would say distance wise I did still had my fill of walking. Tomorrow I will begin my walk from Yokohama station.

21:45 arrived at hostel

23:30 sleep

steps: 52146 (34.41 km)

spending: 2000 hostel, 2000 dinner, lunch, drinks

2 Replies to “Diary: Tokaido Trail – Day 1 | Yokohama | 12.09.2019”

  1. So first day and you already took the train ! What kind of samurai are you… They had shoes made of rice straw ahah
    (I told you about the shoes ahahah)

    1. yes lol but I also said that I would reconsider once arriving at Yokohama 😀
      and this bottle thing with a straw from the back to your mouth would be sooo convinient, I sometimes feel so annoyed when I have to put down my backpack get something to drink and then again keep going

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