Diary: Tokaido Trail – Day 2 | Kamakura | 13.08.2019

09:00 wake up

10:30 packing planing for next days breakfast

Today I walked through Hodogaya, Totsuka and Fujisawa but because the cities are quite developed I didn’t find any milestone. I oriented myself on the old Tokaido signs and roads which can be obtained by Google maps and actually goes quite smoothly through those mentioned cities with some maps here and there.

My hike went until Totsuka-juku. Because I also wanted to see Kamakura I decided in advance for a detour. I took the train from Totsuka Station to Kamakura Station, and visited the Tsurugaoka Hachiman – gu and the Kotoku-In with the second largest Bronze Buddha in the world, the largest one being in Nara. Although if you have seen the stone Buddha in Chiba at the Nihon-ji temple area this seems rather small.

Then I took a train from Kamakura station to Enoshima. As expected it was quite touristic.

From Enoshima I went to Fujisawa to take a train to Atsugi where my capsule hotel lies.

steps: 43181 ( 28.49 km)

spendings: 2566 yen (+1000 transport) hotel, 1500 for meals excl detour trip.

I would say the view was nothing special since everything is very city-is although if you really follow the old Tokaido streets they are much more calm and look a little bit old.

The hike was really bad since my new shoes didn’t break in yet and I got blisters on very weird Places. Also the Kamakura and Enoshima view makes me wonder whether I should really use my remaining time to torture myself so hard. Anyway still going strong! The detours and train transports can’t be helped, however I still stay true to the moving distance. I think this will happen a lot later on as well in favor of finding a cheap hostel. One of the bigger challenges I already see is how to get past hakone. Ironically it was one important gate point to Tokyo and now as well it might hinder me in my tour because lodges around Hakone are very expensive.

01:00 sleep

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