Diary: Tokaido Trail – Day 3 | Odawara | 14.08.2019

09:00 wake up, I really wanted to wake up earlier today but how to go around Hakone kept me awake up really late yesterday.

11:30 start at chigasaki

12:40 arriving at my Hiratsuka Checkpoint – the Hiratsuka Hachimangu (founded in 380) .

Although going along the Tokaido road also accidentally led me to a milestone plate which was probably made more recently.

13:30 arriving at my Oiso Checkpoint – the Takaku Jinja (founded in 717)

Along the Tokaido road I also found some interesting historic fact tables.

The hike today was easier in terms of my feet and also in terms of finding the right way. Though it was just a straight path along the main street. It almost rained on me but luckily didn’t last long. The real ‘danger’ of doing the hike in this season came up around 2 pm when the sun was high and the streets unprotected by trees.

Today as well blisters formed up in different areas but still it was the first day where I could walk very focused for a couple of hours.

I already mentioned it but this is so ridiculously funny and now I just saw it in action at lunchtime:
When one customer comes in the first waitress goes ‘irashaimase’ and this cascades throughout all waiters. Even in the backs of the kitchen corner you can hear a dude screaming ‘irashaimase’.

steps: 38751 (25.45 km)

spending: 2650 hotel, 2100 food, 300 water

22:30 sleep

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