Diary: Tokaido Trail – Day 4 | Hakone | 15.08.2019

07:30 wake up but still very tired snoozed until 08:30

I forgot to mention that my hotel was near konomiya station in Sakawa

09:30 let’s go… somehow, unfortunately there is a typhoon going on around which does effect the Shizuoka area only slightly, but enough to have a bad rainy day, but my walk continues

11:06 arrived at the next Checkpoint, the Odawara Castle which has been founded around 1400 and was a strategic point at the old Tokaido highway.

13:00 finally I arrived at Hakone-Yumoto, it is said that they reconstructed /preserved the old Tokaido highway from Hakone-Yumoto to Moto Hakone, especially the path from Hatajuku onwards.

After I finished my lunch I was ready to attack that path just to be welcomed with one of the heaviest shower I’ve seen so far (only the one in nikko tops this). I was waiting and ready to take a bus ride but somehow maybe in my feverish delirium I just said ah just do it – and so my walk continued.

A path for hikers from Hakone-Yumoto to Hatajuku does exist and lies a a little bit further ahead the road although it’s probably just 50 Forrest 50 road walk. Since it was raining quite hard I felt like it’s tough mudder rewind.

Especially this river passage let me think about all my decisions which led to this final moment. I was somewhere alone, going back would take too much time going further is quiet risky.

I decided to take off my shoes pack everything tight to my back and continue my walk – and so my walk did continue.

16:00 arrived at Hatajuku and ready to go to Moto Hakone to my guesthouse. The old Tokaido path sometimes shares parts with the normal road so that I did wonder whether I went astray. In the past it was plastered with bamboo but it took too much maintenance cost which is why they eventually plastered it with rocks – which were awfully slippery in that rainy whether.

17:30 arrived at my guesthouse in Moto Hakone.

Today I really felt like an adventurer especially the Hakone part, however I might pull major drawbacks from that. As I mentioned I have a lot of blisters and even from before. In the end I might caught an infection and today I also felt a little bit feverish. Nonetheless it was a nice and very enjoyable hike I didn’t really felt any pain in my feet anymore. My new shoes begin to do their job, unfortunately the damage has already been caused.

My guesthouse in Hakone costs 8650 yen and is the most expensive lodge I ever paid for I think. After a lot of evaluation I came to this house and I think it was a good decision because it is quite hard to pass Hakone in one go.

steps: 33173 (21.89 km)

spendings: 8650 guesthouse, 1700 food and water

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