Trip: Kawaguchiko to see Mt.Fuji 04.04.2019

This was my first ever trip in Japan and i am very lucky to be able to do it within the first two weeks after arriving here. day:

To get to the Kawaguchiko town is quite straightforward

Train route from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station
Train route from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko Station

there is a seamlessly direct line from Shinjuku station to the Kawaguchiko station.
After unpacking our luggage at the Hostel, we hiked to the Usagi shrine. From there it was an enjoyable and quite trip to the Chureito Pagoda. Although we got lost halfway through we managed to get to the pagoda within 2-3 hours. From up there you could have a astonishing view over the town as well as a clear sight of Mt. Fuji. Fortunately or maybe unfortunately the Sakura still didn’t blossom so there weren’t as many people around the viewpoint as to be expected.

In the evening we decided to go to the Fuji Yama Onsen.  Normally you would buy a ticket for the whole day but we still managed to enjoy ourselves in the remaining 2 hours until closing time. For only 1500 Yen you were provided with a Bathrobe,  Towels, hair and body care products and also razors and aftershave. The view outside into the night sky after a  eventful day was just priceless.

2nd day:

We went to the theme park Fuji-Q Highlands on the second day. There was a full day and an afternoon pass available. Since we arrived late we chose to wait until 1pm to get the discounted afternoon pass for 3600 Yen. Having only 5 hours left we could only attend the main attractions which was still totally worth the entrance fee. The attraction screamer was especially remarkable, because it even does has a world record entry as the steepest roller coaster in 2011.  At the beginning of the slight you get into a dark tunnel and would expect to slowly go up to the highest point. However this was not the case instead we got caught by surprise and went through some really crazy loopings first before getting to that steep slide part.

Trip Calculation:

    • Transportation costs: ~5000 yen
    • Hostel costs: 3000 yen
    • Fujiyama-onsen: 1640 yen
    • Fuji-Q Themepark: 3600 yen
      • Horror house of Fuji-Q: 1000 yen

All in all the trip cost around 14000 Yen. Additionally i also spend money on Taxi, food (dinner and brunch) and souvenirs which add up to around 5000 Yen

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