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Shibuya and Yoyogi Park 26.03.2019

So today i went to Shibuya to look for a jacket. Naively enough i thought since it is going to be summer time i should just pack light. Just now i realized my mistake. Recently it got really cold (12°C) adding to it the rain didn’t improve the temperature.

Meeting up with a friend was as difficult as one would expect. Although it was a Tuesday afternoon the streets were crowded with people and advertisement banners were flashing all over the buildings. We decided to have a quick look around and then get out of there as fast as possible. Surprisingly if you just move one or two streets further away it gets quieter really fast.

Having some spare time left we headed to Shinjuku were we also happened to cross the Yoyogi-Park. Like two different worlds the Yoyogi Park was a wide area, having even a forest like part. Although the air in Tokyo is not too bad you could feel a different atmosphere in the Yoyogi-Park.

Since time was running short my companion decided to just go home and try Shinjuku another time. I went back to Shinjuku to see how crowded it gets in the evening – and was not disappointed.

Sitenote 1: The dog statue shown in the picture below is of the dog Hachiko, who is rembered as remarkablly loyal. Everday Hachiko would accompany his owner to the nearby Shibuya Station as well as greet him from his way back home. Unfortunately his master died while at work, however this didn’t stop Hachiko from waiting. He would come every day at the exact time to wait for his owner 10 more years 1. Nowadays there are some series which reference Hachikos life, one of them is in the series Futurama 2.



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