Takomachi – Rice Planting and Bamboo Hunting 05.05.2019

This was organized by Oakhouse, the company which offers the sharehouses, for a small fee. The event took place in Takumachi – a small town in the Chiba prefecture. It took me around 1 h from Ueno station to Keisei Narito station from where we would meet the staff. After additional 30 min by car we arrived at the town.

Not even having enough time to appreciate the countryside we were send to plant some rice. This rice was already prepared in small  grass like packs and our task would be to put them into the ground. Of course the difference between a local rice farmer and us tourist was astonishing. I would dare to say that in the end the result was still quite good and the rice row was almost perfectly aligned. A little bit disappointing though was, that the whole planting rice part was only around one hour.

After that we had some lunch and went to hunt bamboo (it literally says bamboo). The goal would be to find small bamboo shoots. These shoots are young and can be harvested by ramming a shovel not too deep into the ground cutting the upper part of the bamboo. The bamboo forest itself was very refreshing and i think something rare to see if you are only living within Tokyo.

As a parting gift we received bamboo, fresh tomatoes and cucumber which was left over from lunch. I never have thought i would appreciate vegetables that much.

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